Our Services

Tenaillon | Esteban | asesores legales offers its clients professional assistance in all areas of public and private law except for family and criminal law (but including criminal economic and foreign exchange law). We also offer additional services such as assistance to expatriates, translations, etc.

Our team possesses a broad experience for the attendance of the matters related to our practice areas.


Labor law area counsels on all matters regarding the labor relationship, work-site labor inspections, and the punishing regime. The main services in this activity area are the following:

  • Permanent counseling on labor law and personnel hiring.
  • Negotiation, planning and drawing collective bargaining agreements and company agreements. Changes to the working conditions, geographical relocation and reassigning of tasks.
  • Counseling on general and individual labor disputes.
  • Administrative remedies and claims for labor matters. Representation before administrative bodies and courts of justice.
  • Compensation and benefits plans. Developing and implementing personnel incentive plans.
  • Analysis of labor implications in special contracts as outsourcing and franchising.
  • Counseling on employment risk prevention. Auditing legal-labor aspects and treatment of possible contingencies.
  • Protection clauses in services agreements.
  • Loan staff agreements.